5 Tips on: How to Keep Your Space Tidy

Organizing your space

5 Tips on how to keep your space tidy


Whether it’s your workspace, closet, bathroom, kitchen, or any other area in your life, “If you create a place for everything, then it’s much easier to put everything back in its place. ”


The haunting words of some genius from yester-year still rings true today. My above version is slightly modified but the principle remains unchanged. Being organized is not a “one hitter quitter” type of task. It’s an ongoing effort that requires a bit of discipline, and that’s probably why it frustrates so many people when things get out of whack. When you’re constantly on the move, keeping things tidy is often times easier said than done. It’s not that you aren’t organized, it may be that you just have not discovered your organizational style. So here’s a few quick tips that may help.





  • Keep what you use most closest to you.



Chances are when you are hurried conducting your day to day tasks, the last thing you want to do is take the time to go across the room to put whatever it is you’re using back where you got it from.


The easiest way to discover what you use the most would be to take note of what’s piled up on your bed, your desk, the counter top, or the floor at the end of each day. Think about how often you use these items, and find a new home for them central to your work or living area. Putting it away when you’re finished would then be effortless.


  • Define the zone by grouping like items together


This especially works well in high traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom, which are usually shared with multiple people, but this principle can work for any area of your life. Think about the task that take place in a particular area, and all of the things that are needed to make that zone function well for anyone who is using it.



Kitchen- In your food preparation area you may store your utensils, cook books, measuring cups, your cutting boards, and seasonings all in close range. Or in your pantry, you might designate an area for cereals, another for canned goods, and another for snacks.

Bathroom– -You may store your cleaning supplies and toiletries in one area underneath the cabinet or in a storage closet, and store personal hygiene products and cosmetics, which may be used more frequently in drawers or atop the vanity in a storage basket.


  • Designate a storage container to hold items you often misplace (like your keys, the remote, and you’re cell phone).



There are all sorts of storage units made to hold these items that don’t cost a whole lot. Often times you can find simple storage baskets at various retailers or consignment shops for under $15 and a decorative one for under $30.


  • Attach a label to it.



When you place a label on a space, it reminds you and others where an item belongs. If you do have a slip up, of not putting something away right away, knowing that these items have a permanent home, makes it easier for our brains to want to return them back to the spot later.


This will help cut down on misplacing items and it will also deter you and others from turning storage containers into junk bins. This can apply to other area in your life as well. It especially works well when you have young children. They love to help create labels for their own space, it makes the task seem like fun and not work.


  • Sharing is caring



If you live with others, tell them what you are doing. We as people are more likely to complete a goal or task when we share the idea with others. When they are aware of the changes you are trying to make, then they can make a conscious effort to help you maintain order as well.



BONUS: Rumor has it, It takes 30 days to break a habit and just as long to form new ones. If there’s something in your life you want to change, you have to make daily contentious efforts to take action and be consistent.


Realize no one is perfect, we all have challenges, but give yourself some credit for taking the initiative to attempt to keep it tidy by reading this blog. Now go reclaim your space and be productive!Organizing your space



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