To-Do, Doing, Done

There's nothing like the feeling of completion.
There’s nothing like the feeling of completion.

TO-DO             DOING              DONE

-Pick up Bobby from Soccer Practice (Check)

-Schedule appointment with Dr. Roberts (Check)

-Confirm meeting with Sarah for Thursday (Check)

There is nothing like the feeling of completion. Of course in this busy world there are always things TO-DO. Some of us need a constant visual reminder to keep us on track. I adopted the idea from a client of mine and created my own board and then I looked on line and realized I’m not the only one who absolutely adores this system and have morphed it to fit their needs.


The lovely thing about my particular board is, it’s made by Umbra, the material is made of stainless steel and comes in white or silver, so you can write on it, use magnets, pushpins, or post-its. I snagged it from the container store, while it was on sale. After that I added some red string and typed up the headers, to keep it visually clean and to divide the columns.

I tend to be exceptionally absentminded most of the time, which is easy to do when you are a multi-tasker with a lot on your plate. It’s put notes on here to remind myself of everything especially to review my goals and my schedule for the day or week. The irony of making notes on a TO-DO list to review a TO-DO list is bizarre I know, (hey! No judging, please and thank you) but it works for me. I usually write more details of my to-do tasks in my planner, if necessary, but this reminds me to do so.  Sometimes there are way too many tasks to undertake at once. I put a dash in my planner when I add the post-it to the board, once it’s complete in the done column I trash the sticky and put a check in my planner. It’s nice to review the progress I make.


Using color coded post-its are a great way to visual divide the tasks by order of importance. I use Pink for personal things that need to be completed by the end of the day as well as for reoccurring daily things (i.e review goals). Blue is for calls and emails I have complete daily. Orange is for tasks that require more time and usually pertain to home work I must do for my clients by the end of the week. Green is for my writing tasks and can be short or long term, but it reminds to of where I am this week. Lastly, I also use yellow to act a reminder of an event or appointment coming up for the week.


This board has thus far been the most efficient way for me to stay on task. Others have adopted it for families and businesses as well to keep their team on track. The most gratifying thing is moving everything to the done pile. For me, that almost never happens, there is ALWAYS something that needs to get DONE.


Reference books I’ve read on time management and to help better organizing your life:

Time management from the inside out – Julie Morgenstern

Organizing from the inside out – Julie Morgenstern

Organize Now: Your money, business, and career – Jennifer Ford Berry


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