How the Color of Your Room Effects Your Mood: Revive Your Space with Mood Therapy










Adding a splash of color and a creative design can go a long way in lifting the mood in your space.

Many things influence our mood and behavior. If you are thinking about adding a little bit of color to your space, here’s a great chart below to review. Think about how you want your space to make you feel and review the chart to help guide you.

Primary Colors: Pinks soothes, Red represents strength and excitement, orange is sensual and fun, Yellow represents friendliness and creativity, green represents harmony and balance, while blue is the color of intelligence.

Color Mood Chart
Bold Colors

Neutral Colors: Purple is associated with mystery and luxury, while grey enhances creativity, white represents cleanliness and heightens our perception of space, Brown encompasses reliability and support, and black i s timeless and reflects elegance.

How colors effect your mood
Neutral Colors

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